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The Jaguar Wolf Pack recognizes that every dog & cat is unique having his or her own needs.  Our Tribe (Consider us chosen family) offers an array of services ranging from loving care in your home while you're away (In- Home Pet Sitting), Deep healing and relaxing experiences for your pet that include reiki infused massage and sound healing. We believe that a combination of Love, Mental Stimulation, Physical Activity and Play are the keys to a happy balanced Dog and/or Cat.  When your dog becomes part of the Jaguar Wolf Pack they will enjoy a healthy balance of play, adventures, brain activities, and relaxing recharge time. Each experience is carefully designed with both your Pet and Family at Heart, taking into account their life stage and specific needs.  Our goal is to provide a loving, safe, fun, relaxing experience for your pet.

Who we are 

Our Loving Fun Vibe Attracts Our Tribe...

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Jaguar Wolf Pack
"Shauna was amazing and attentive to all 5 of our animals; we have two dogs and 3 cats! She was also very respectful of our home and left it spotless! She has a huge heart and we could tell that all our children felt loved and cared for by her. She’s truly a special person all and all."

Ethan E.

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