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Loving Pet Care While you're Away  

The Jaguar Wolf Pack recognizes that every dog & cat is unique having his or her own needs.  Our Tribe (Consider us chosen family) offers an array of services ranging from loving care in your home while you're away (In- Home Pet Sitting), Deep healing and relaxing experiences for your pet that include reiki infused massage and sound healing. We believe that a combination of Love, Mental Stimulation, Physical Activity and Play are the keys to a happy balanced Dog and/or Cat.  When your dog becomes part of the Jaguar Wolf Pack they will enjoy a healthy balance of play, adventures, brain activities, and relaxing recharge time. Each experience is carefully designed with both your Pet and Family at Heart, taking into account their life stage and specific needs.  Our goal is to provide a loving, safe, fun, relaxing experience for your pet.

Overnight Pet/House Sitting

Give yourself peace of mind knowing when you are away your pets will be provided with all the love, care and attention they are accustomed to, while remaining in their home, neighborhood and daily schedule. All visits are personalized to meet their needs and include fresh food & water, litter box cleaning, dog walks and/or jogs and of course quality time playing, petting, brushing and any other attention your pet enjoys. We will also keep an eye on your home by doing such things as bringing in mail and newspapers, taking out trash, medication administering alternating lights, opening and closing blinds and watering plants, to give your home an occupied look. Charges are based on time required per visit.

                                             Stays start at $125 per night


*** Receive a 10% discount when booking a stay for 10 or more days.

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Next Steps...

Once you have submitted an inquiry a member of our tribe will contact you to discuss your needs and if we see an initial match, we will schedule a meet & greet.


In order for us to become properly acquainted with your pet(s) and provide them with the highest quality of care, we require an initial consultation meet and greet session $20 in-person within LA County.  Not only does a meet and greet allow us to understand your pets unique needs better, it should also help you instill trust in our services to meet your expectations, as we will be working within your home.  In addition, our company needs to make sure our care provider feels safe working with you in your home environment and that it’s a good fit.  We suggest that written instructions be provided prior to care.  

How it started...

Raised in the blue ridge mountains of Virginia, as an only child, Shauna grew up, running around barefoot in nature with her best friend, a mixed breed puppy named "Fruit Loop." They ran around so much that Shauna became an award winning track and field athlete (Sprinter) that has maintained a high level of energy and athleticism which is perfect for properly engaging high energy dogs.  With a formal education (B.S.) in Health Science & Public Health,  and as long time health and wellness professional (Certified Personal Trainer, Reiki Master & Kemetic Yoga Instructor)  and advocate for people with disabilities, in 2017 Shauna began exploring how healing our fur friends can be with humans and vice versa thus becoming a handler for emotional support animals working with a pack as large as 25 dogs at once. More recently Shauna has connected with a network of other pet care providers that can cover stays when she is unavailable.

Some of our Pack Photos

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